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Water Department

Water Conservation


Water Smarty Information and Forms


Water Smarty Grass Replacement Rebates Brochure - gives an overview of the program and describes program requirements and limitations.

Water Smarty Pre-Application - use this form to reserve a rebate.

Water Smarty Final Application - use this form when your project is complete and you are ready to request your rebate. You will also want to review this form when planning your grass replacement project.


Water Smarty Irrigation Controller and Soil Moisture Sensor Rebates Brochure - gives an overview of the program, describes requirements and limitations, and includes a rebate application form.


Wood River Land Trust Workshop Series -  Water Smarty participants must attend a water-wise workshop to be eligible for a rebate.

Plant Lists

Locally Available Drought Tolerant Plants - All plants on this list are eligible.

Landscaping with Native Plants of the Intermountain Region - From this list, choose plants in hardiness zone 4 or lower, with dry to low water needs only.

Applicants may propose plants not included in the lists above, but the proposed plants will be subject to Water Smarty approval. Substitution requests must be accompanied by documented proof of: 1) zone hardiness - USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 4 or lower, and 2) water needs of less than 1" per week (dry to low water).

Trout Friendly is a Water Smarty Partner

Trout Friendly Resources - Go to www.troutfriendly.org for numerous and varied additional drought tolerant plant lists.

Water-Wise Workshops - Applicants must attend a Water-Wise Workshop prior to receiving a rebate. For more information or to sign up for a workshop, call the Wood River Land Trust at 788-3947 or visit www.woodriverlandtrust.org.

For more information about Water Smarty, please call 788-9830, ext. 20.

Water Smarty Stories

August 2017 - Water Smarty Has Funds, Plans Winter Workshop

August 2016 - Water Smarty Yards Save Water and Look Great

July 2016 - Water Smarty Program Yields Appealing Landscapes

June 2016 - Water Smarty Rebate Program Has Waiting List

Additional Resources

12 Steps to a Functional Design by Iowa State University, University Extension

Create a Waterwise Landscape by Sharon Browder

Water Wise Landscape Handbook by Denver Water

E.W. Fox Garden Interpretive Guide & Plant List by City of Hailey


General Water Conservation Information

Year Round Odd/Even Watering Restrictions

Water is a precious resource; please use only what you need. To support water conservation, the City of Hailey has watering restrictions in effect year round, as follows:

  • Odd numbered address water only on odd numbered days.
  • Even numbered addresses water only on even numbered days.
  • Everyone must water before 10:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m. on their designated days.

The full text of Section 13.08.010 of the Hailey Municipal Code details the watering restrictions.

Water Conservation Resources


Water Rights

Water Rights Presentation

Water Rights and the Water Division Budget

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