Water Conservation Tips

January : Mild, dry winters are great for outdoor activities, but can be harmful to young trees and shrubs. If you have trees or shrubs less than 3 years old, you might want to give them a long drink with a slow-running hose.
February : To save gas and reduce engine emissions, group as many errands and stops into a single trip as you can. It's better to do more during one trip while the car is warm than to make one or two extra trips with a cooler engine.
March : March can be a very windy month, and wind steals much-needed moisture from plants and soil. One way to cut down on moisture loss is to install some type of wind breaker, such as a fence or a row of evergreens.
April : Recycling can be good for your garden. Reuse plastic food containers as plant covers when plants are small. Cut the open area out of a gallon jug and use it as a scoop for potting soil. And, old pantyhose are great for typing plants to stakes.
May : Looking for advice on planting appropriately for Hailey's high, dry climate with plants that will survive and conserve on water use? Start with trees to create a canopy to protect smaller plants from drying out, then use drought-tolerant landscaping designs. Click here to view Haiey's Tree Planting Guide.
June : Thoughtful purchasing can reduce the amount of garbage. Before throwing something away, think -- Can I reuse this? Can someone else use it? Can it be recycled?
July : If you have an automatic sprinkler system, consider installing a rainfall or soil moisture sensor. Rainfall sensors prevent your system from watering in the rain, while soil moisture sensors allow watering only when the soil beneath the surface really needs it.
August : Save energy during the summer by keeping your curtains and windows closed during the hottest part of the day. And, turn the air conditioning back if you are going to be gone for several hours.
September : Regular aerating is important to the health of your lawn. Try to aerate 2 to 3 times a year, especially in the fall and spring. Aeration breaks up the soil and allows water to soak in more easily.
October : A car that is well maintained will run more efficiently than one that is neglected. Have your tune-ups done at recommended intervals. That includes fuel filters, air filters, spark plugs and wires, the battery, the carburetor, tires, alignments.
November : If you're shopping for a new clothes washer, look at the horizontal-axis or front-loading models. They use up to 50% less water than conventional washers. If you're not ready for a new washer, you can still save water with your old machine by washing only full loads or by setting the water level lower for smaller loads.
December : Give "green" gifts for Christmas or Hanukkah. Some examples include shopping bags, rechargeable batteries, reusable food storage contains, programmable thermostats, coffee cups, or a diaper service. And have a happy and WaterWise New Year!
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