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The City of Hailey is required by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) of Idaho to establish a cross connection control program. DEQ has been delegated authority by the federal government to administer Idaho's Drinking Water Program under the provisions of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act and Idaho Rules for Public Drinking Water Systems. The City of Hailey follows standards and requirements to protect the city's water system. The purpose of the cross connection control program is to prevent contamination; to keep unwanted/uncontrolled materials from getting into the city's water system.

The cross connection control program is now focused primarily on businesses. Once compliance with DEQ requirements is assured in the business community, the city will more fully implement the residential side of the cross connection control program.

For more information, see the following reference material:

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What We Do

Water Department The Water Department is responsible for providing and maintaining a fresh water supply to the citizens of Hailey. The city's water is provided by a fresh water spring located in Indian Springs Canyon as well as four wells throughout the city. The water is piped throughout the city through main lines which branch off to individual services. The city has two storage tanks totaling three million gallons. The supply coming from Indian Springs also generates a turbine to provide generated electricity. The revenues from the turbine supplement operating costs for the city.

The Water Department is located at the Wastewater Treatment Plant and is operated by a 3.8 person crew. The main concern of the crew is to keep a fresh water supply to all residences and businesses. Calls of interrupted water service are handled as a priority. The crew maintains and monitors the spring and the wells on a daily basis. Once a week, samples are taken and tested for water quality.


In 2010 total water usage for the City of Hailey was 942,911,255 gallons. 468,875,000 gallons originated from springs and 474,036,255 gallons were pumped from the wells.

Water Rate Table

Water Conservation

Water Conservation



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Water Ordinance


Copies of this ordinance are available at City Hall. Basically the ordinance states the following:

  • Odd numbered addresses water on odd numbered days.
  • Even numbered addresses water on even numbered days.
  • Watering must be done before 10:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m.

The daytime watering restriction helps your water system recover from the early morning demand and maintain pressure for the evening hours demand and restricts watering during periods of high evaporation.

Upon written request the Water Department may grant an exception to the restriction for new grass and plantings. Please email your request to utility.billing@haileycityhall.org.

The City of Hailey greatly appreciates your cooperation and encourages you to call City Hall at 788-9830 with any questions or concerns.

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Meter Prices


1 1/2"


Meter sizes larger than 2" will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why am I not allowed to water my grass during the day?

A.   City ordinance states our water conservation policy prohibits watering between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Water usage in the winter months is at 50,000,000 gallons per month, compared to the summer months when it can jump to four times as much demand due to irrigation. Watering your lawn in the evening hours or the early morning allows for deeper penetration and less evaporation.

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Q2. Does the City add anything to our drinking water?

A.   Although it is not mandatory at this point because our water is of such high purity, small amounts of chlorine are added to the system to ensure our water stays pure as it goes through the system. Fluoride is not added to our system as it occurs in trace amounts naturally at a level of .18 mg/L. (Fluoride containement level begins at 4.0 mg/L.)

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Q3. Why does the water pressure in my house fluctuate?

A.  The water system works on a supply/demand theory. The more demand for water the less pressure there is to go around. Pressure will fluctuate throughout the day depending on how many people are using water. Less usage means more pressure, more usage means less pressure.

Q4. Does the city have hard water?

A.  The City of Hailey's water hardness has been measured at 171 mg/L, which is in the range of hard water. 

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Water Contact Information

Cole Balis
Water Superintendent
Phone: 578-2211 ext.12
E-mail: cole.balis@haileycityhall.org

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