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Upcoming Elections


Upcoming Elections

May 20, 2014
Sewer Revenue Bond Election

Voting details, click here.

Sample Ballot, click here.

Absentee Voting Polling Place

              Blaine County Courthouse

             106 1st Ave South, Suite 200

    Hailey, ID   83333

Polling Place / All Precincts

              Community Campus

 Polls Open

              8:00 am – 8:00 pm




Sample Ballots


Campaign Finance Election Q&A

Schedule Deadlines for Submitting Campaign form to City Clerk


General Election Q&A

Initiative & Referendum

2014 Initiative Schedule of Deadlines:

Receive perfected petition at City Hall with 177 signatures -

(20% of the total number of electors who casted votes in the last general election) Same day submittal by City Clerk to Blaine County Clerk for signature validation. County Clerk may take up to 15 days to verify signatures

August 12

Clerk Notifies Council that City has received perfected petition with at least 177 signatures - Election is called; Council determines whether to summarize ballot or print it in full -


August 18

Final ballot is sent to County –

Not less than 60 days prior to date of election

September 5


Initiative & Referendum Hailey citizens have the right to enact ordinances through the initiative process, and to repeal ordinances through the referendum process. This process begins with a petition, which must conform to specific standards set forth in Chapter 1.16 of the Hailey Municipal Code. The initiative and referendum processes give citizens a powerful voice in shaping the laws governing the city.

The City Clerk’s office is available to answer questions about the initiative and referendum processes.

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