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Property Owner's Spreadsheet for Historic Demolition Application

The mailing list of all property owners within 300 feet of the exterior boundaries (obtainable at the County Assessors Office or http://maps.co.blaine.id.us) must be supplied with your application.  Simply copy and paste the info from the county to an Excel spreadsheet and download to a disk. If you need assistance contact Becky Mead, 788-9815, extension 20.

Building Permit Reports

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Build Better Program


Frequently Asked Questions


Building DepartmentThe Build Better Program is a stretch code that addresses energy efficiency and in some cases other sustainable building materials and practices to improve water conservation, waste managment, indoor air quality, and other affected areas.

The BBP requires buildings to be built 10% more energy efficient than the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code. It applies to both commercial and residential projects.

Build Better Program Simplified - A Summary

Residential and Snow Melt ONLY:  Points Menu and Point Specifications

Proposed Build Better Program Ordinance 1120

Forms and Documents

Please refer to:http://haileycityhall.org/Forms_Fees/index.asp

Contact Information

Jim Lynch
Building Official
Phone: 788-9815 ext.16
E-mail: building.official@haileycityhall.org

Mariel Platt
Sustainability Coordinator
Phone: 788-9815 ext.24
E-mail: mariel.platt@haileycityhall.org

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