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Sustainable Practices in the Community


Government offices and operations cause just a fraction of the environmental impact of our town and valley. It will be vital for every individual and business to make similar actions in their own venue. As HELP studies issues involved in Hailey's Climate Protection Plan,  information gained in the research will appear on this site for local residents and businesses to use in assessing and reducing their own impact on climate change and our natural resources.

Water Conservation

Help's Showcase Lawn Program

In response to repeated requests from Hailey citizens wishing to reduce their water consumption for irrigation, the City of Hailey, in conjunction with Trout Friendly Lawns and the Wood River Land Trust, is offering the opportunity to become exempt from odd/even watering restrictions. The intent of this opportunity is to allow a limited number of water users the flexibility to water less frequently than the odd/even cycle currently allows. The lawns will be identified with a small Showcase Lawn indicator, which will hang from the Trout Friendly Lawn sign. Neighbors, passersby and local code enforcement personnel will be able see conservation in action.

Showcase Lawn Application

Becoming more water-wise in your yard and inside your home not only helps protect the environment but saves money as well. Find out how less water can bring you more green.

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Purchasing and Solid Waste

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The three Rs are the basis of controlling the quantity, cost and pollution caused by your solid waste.  It’s always worth looking at all three but make sure that you consider them in the proper order.

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Every Day Alternatives to Your Car

Carpooling, busses, biking, walking and cutting down on car trips by combining errands are all part of your alternative options.  Choosing to eliminate your use of your car for one commute or school day each week will cut our valley’s carbon footprint significantly.  For further information about these options, click on the related links below.



For a list of easy vehicle maintenance and driving tips please visit: www.ecodrivingusa.com

Vehicle Idling

Idling your car or truck's engine consumes gasoline and spews pounds of unwanted carbon gases into the air, without getting anyone closer to their destination. Check our some facts and figures that might surprise you about this common practice.

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Green Building

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