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Sustainable Practices at City Facilities


HELP is comprised of city employees from various departments, non-profits, and a citizen liaison member. HELP recognizes the environmental impacts that city offices and operations can have on our town and valley. HELP strives to evaluate city operations and actions to determine where changes can be made to increase the sustainability and climate protection and to promote more sustainable actions by city employees in their daily work. As HELP studies the issues related to climate protection and develops the City's Climate Protection Plan, the information gleaned will hopefully assist local residents and businesses to assess and reduce their own impact on our valley's natural resources and climate change.

Taking Action

HELP works to assist each department as it tries to increase sustainability and energy efficiencies in buildings, operations, and pertinent city codes. Information on each topic area listed below is in the process of being developed. Please check back soon for active links to more specific information on these topic areas.

  • Water                                                     
  • Transportation
  • Buildings                                                
  • Lights
  • Purchases/Solid Waste                           
  • Parks

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Climate Protection Plan

One of HELP's initial steps in creating a more sustainable future for our town was to join ICLEI, an international organization working to help governments reduce their carbon foot prints. Using ICLEI's 5-step process, HELP has continued to make progress towards our mission of making sustainability part of every department's procedures and decision-making.

Step #1 - Establish a baseline greenhouse gas emission inventory

Step #2 - Set a target reduction (15% by 2015)

Step #3 - Create a Climate Protection Plan to accomplish reductions

Step #4 - Implement Plan

Step #5 - Asses progress and modify plan as needed

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