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Community Climate Challenge



Energy Efficient Streetlight Upgrade

Whoever thought something so simple could be such an energy saver? This upgrade means big power use reductions. We estimate that this upgrade will save enough energy in the first year after implementation to power and heat two homes for one year.

The work involves replacing the luminaire only; we'll keep our standard green fixtures downtown. The swap-out should be happening this fall.

The streetlight upgrade also includes installing little signs on some select fixtures throughout the downtown that will tell about the upgrade and its impact on energy use. We'd like to find a way to make these communication pieces interesting, so they add to the vibrancy of downtown. Do you have ideas about how we might achieve this goal? Please contact Mariel Platt if you have an idea!

Atkinsons' Market, a Challenge partner, saves big energy every year because of a lighting retrofit in all three of its local stores. Click here to read all about it.

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Challenge Partners and Volunteers

Brian Formusa
Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy

Ed Van Every
Renewable Energy

Elizabeth Jeffrey
Construction Recycling