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Community Climate Challenge



Just Bag It!

Attend a creative re-use workshop (see our calendar for details) or choose to shop with reusable bags.

Each year, Earth Day is a plastic bag free day in Hailey. We supply reusable bags to King's, Atkinsons', and Albertson's for this day and every customer gets one bag free while the supply lasts. These Challenge partner stores do an awesome job of supporting those customers who want to go plastic bag free. Let's help them reduce their plastic bag needs by bringing a reusable bag to shop or purchasing the stores' affordable reusable bags!

There are currently three Just Bag It! bags in circulation. Hey, these could be collectors' items; keep an eye peeled!

2009 - 1st Bag

2010 - 2nd Bag
(Logo only shown)

2011 - 3rd Bag

The Dollhouse goes Plastic and Paper Bag Free

"The response I have received from my clientele has been nothing but positive.   In fact, it is applauded." 

- Lara Spencer, Owner

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Challenge Partners and Volunteers

Brian Formusa
Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy

Ed Van Every
Renewable Energy

Elizabeth Jeffrey
Construction Recycling