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Community Climate Challenge



Construction Waste Diversion

The Challenge focuses on deconstruction/material salvage and also includes a construction recycling pilot program.

Deconstruction/Material Salvage

If you're building project involves demolition or discarding of old items, we want to talk to you! "Deconstruction/Material Salvage" is just a fancy way of talking about collecting used building materials, furnishings, appliances, etc., to save energy and money. As a Challenge partner, the Building Material Thrift Store (BMTS) acquired both a forklift and some scaffolding that is helping them collect – and the community reuse – all kinds of materials. That's good; look at all these great benefits:

  • Divert waste from the landfill by salvaging materials for reuse instead of throwing them away
  • Create jobs and new market
  • Protect land, water and wildlife habitat because proceeds benefit the Wood River Land Trust
  • Reduce tipping fees at Ohio Gulch by reducing the amount of waste
  • Conserve natural resources by incorporating reused materials into building projects
  • Save money by purchasing salvaged materials
  • Enhance character of building project by using some of the one-of-a-kind pieces found at the Building Material Thrift Store.

Check out these links for information on deconstruction and material salavage services:

Construction Recycling Pilot Program

If you're planning a building construction project, check out this program that includes a cash rebate for builders who recycle.

"We recycle the best we can because it is the right thing to do."

- Paul Conrad, Conrad Brothers Construction

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Challenge Partners and Volunteers

Brian Formusa
Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy

Ed Van Every
Renewable Energy

Elizabeth Jeffrey
Construction Recycling