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About the Challenge

The Challenge is a three-year community-based project designed to empower people to save energy and money, support the local economy, and share ideas and results with your friends and neighbors – and even other communities. The Challenge offers the chance to both teach and learn new knowledge and skills, help your town and have some fun in the process. Learn about the Challenge opportunities by clicking the links at far left.

The goal of the Challenge is to save enough energy to provide heat and power to 45 homes for one year!

Progress Against Goal through September 30, 2012
Challenge Began February 1, 2011)

Enough energy saved to heat and power
50.77 homes for one year!

Documentary Film by Diamond Sun Productions – The Challenge includes the production of a documentary film. Join the Challenge, throw down some impressive (and trackable) results, and we may want you on film!

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Contact Us

Mariel Platt, Sustainability Coordinator
Phone: 788-4221, ext. 24
E-mail: mariel.platt@haileycityhall.org

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Challenge Partners and Volunteers

Brian Formusa
Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy

Ed Van Every
Renewable Energy

Elizabeth Jeffrey
Construction Recycling